Boogle House, a friendly space in the Province of Liège

Rediscover the pleasure of being together: in a friendly setting, come and try your first throw of the bowls, play against your amateur or professional friends in a mini tournament, or quite simply spend some time relaxing as a family or with colleagues on our Boogle pétanque courts.

And since Boogle is not only about pétanque, we are also offering you to transform Boogle House into a seminar room, dancefloor or banquet room, punctuated or not with a bowls party… watched from nearby by the laughing eyes of our famous pétanque player, dear to our hearts, Henri Salvador.

A room for hire: four places in one

Reflecting the image of our pétanque courts, Boogle House is a reception space which is adapted to your events and to your desires

Learn more about infrastructure

We have a large space, which allowed us to place all our infrastructure, both indoors and outdoors.


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