one BOOGLE® a day keeps the doctor away

Indeed, after a couple of months of tests and continuous use, several teams of health professionals have gotten the same point of view. BOOGLE® is good and helpful for revalidation, and human relationship. First, BOOGLE® is a gathering helper to reunite and reminisce memories. We have all, once, played Pétanque, and BOOGLE® helps to reminisce those memories, while discovering other people you do not meet or talk daily. Every day is a new game. Then, BOOGLE® helps for revalidation by fine exercises, without jolt or shock, avoiding further trauma. It also helps to mobilize joints of many people who need it. And finally, everything is easier to do as BOOGLE® does not look like a boring exercise to do, but more like a game they love to play! Patients are going to play joyfully without even knowing that they are working.

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