Installing a pétanque court at your place, it’s easy with Boogle

Bring the Boogle spirit into your workspace or home and benefit the whole year round from our designer pétanque courts, which can be fully personalised as you so wish.

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Petanque courts

Why buy a pétanque court?

To benefit the whole year round, indoors or outdoors, from an original activity which brings everyone together, professionals or amateurs.

To offer your customers, your staff or your family and friends a way to meet up which is uniquely enjoyable!

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The key strengths of pétanque courts

Are you still asking yourself who you should choose Boogle? Look no longer, our pétanque courts are inevitably made for you!

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  • Designer courts, which can be personalised and are easy to install

    Court edges covered the same as the floor, the Boogle pétanque court, more than being designer, can be fully personalised as you so wish, which makes it a decorative showpiece and/or full advert for your company. Another benefit: to install a Boogle pétanque court, no need for big installation works. All that is needed, is a flat and hard space!

  • Booster of friendship

    If you try Boogle, you’ll inevitably adopt it! We designed this concept, to pass our passion for pétanque onto you, and also to let you enjoy it at your place in the unrivalled atmosphere of a friendly sport.

  • The benefits of pétanque without the disadvantages

    The joy of pétanque, we all know about it! But, a conventional court outdoors often requires lots of maintenance. With our Boogle courts, no maintenance is needed and especially no noise disturbance for your neighbours, thanks to the covering of our courts and the flexible material used to create our bowls.

  • Tested and approved by the greatest champions

    The Boogle concept has been given the seal of approval by the two greatest legends of pétanque: Philippe Suchaud and Philippe Quintais, both fourteen times world champions, recognise Boogle for its incredible similarities with conventional pétanque and consider the concept both as enjoyable to play, and also as the ideal training tool.

Find some of our our customizations!

Because with Boogle we can create the field that looks like you! From the plaque to the balls with the logo of your choice.

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